We offer turnkey solutions for smart traffic systems. We intend to create a safe and comfortable environment for all road users.

Even now our developments are successfully used to improve road safety in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Main products and areas:

  1. Systems for photo and video recording of administrative traffic violations at intersections, speed control areas, crosswalks;
  2. The OMEGA dynamic illumination systems performing additional light escorting of pedestrians while at crosswalk in the night time;
  3. Solutions in the field of traffic light unit adaptive regulation.

With our own development, production, installation and monitoring services, we provide turnkey solutions that can compete with the world's leading developments both in quality and price.

We offer our customers and partners:

If you are interested in expanding your business, making our roads safe together with us, participating in the creation of new solutions or improvement of existing ones, we are here to help you!

New partners are always welcome!

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