Recording an unfastened seat belt

In its official Telegram channel, the Road-Traffic Safety Service under the Department of Public Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan announced recording of a new violation by traffic cameras. According to the post, the automatic traffic violation recording facilities in Uzbekistan will record unfastened safety belts starting from October 2023.

On 1 May 2022, the modified Traffic Code went into effect: according to the Administrative Code, Art. 125, Part 1, the driver using a vehicle equipped with safety belts shall have its safety belt fastened and carry no passengers with unfastened safety belts. However, children under 12 years old sitting on the back seat, driving trainers (when a trainee is at the wheel), pregnant women, and sick passengers unable to use safety belts due to health condition (subject to a respective doctor's certificate) are allowed to wear no safety belts.

ALFA measuring systems with automatic photo and video recording functions installed in the Republic of Uzbekistan can record violation of the rule requiring the drive to fasten the safety belt prior to driving. Violation of this rule is punished by a fine at a rate of a half of the basic estimated amount (UZS 165,000, as of October 2023).

The system can also record the driver violating the rule of using a telephone through headphones or other devices making hands free for driving. According to the modified Article 128−1 of the Administrative Code, using a telephone without the above mentioned devices while driving is punished by a fine at a rate of 3 basic estimated amounts (UZS 495,000, as of October 2023).


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