New Traffic Code in Uzbekistan

The New Traffic Code approved by the Uzbekistan Government has come into effect since May 1, 2022. The Code, for instance, now limits vehicle road travel speed to 30 km/h in vicinity of the schools and the pre-school facilities, and to 20 km/h in the residential areas.

Traffic Code amendments may also affect maximum vehicle speed limit for the communities. Specifically, as decreed by the Republican Traffic Safety Committee, vehicle speed may be limited to 60 km/h at the certain road sections in Tashkent, Nukus and the regional centers.

Furthermore, the individuals and legal entities may no longer install speed bumps on the road ways unless authorized so. A speed bump is a special road way swell for traffic calming purpose.

New traffic rules also affect the car-hauled cargo. Such a cargo now may not exceed 1 m in height and 0.5 m in length if hauled on roof racks. The trucks now must drive the right lane only with a few exceptions as provided by the Traffic Code.


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