The company's products

The "ALFA" measurement system

ALFA measurement system is designed for continuous photo and video recording of traffic violations, motivating drivers to follow the established rules. It can quickly solve the problem of road accidents and make road safe for all road users. ALFA system is designed to control speed and make photo and video records of traffic violations. To inquire the prices and buy a speed camera, please call us on +998 (71) 2553578 or send a request at


Automatic detection of vehicles and recognition of registration number plates

Detection and recording of traffic violations including generation of photo/video proof materials

Automatic search for recognized registration number plates in connected databases

Informing the operator on events detected

Storage of traffic violation data

The "OMEGA" dynamic illumination system

OMEGA dynamic crosswalk illumination system is a unique solution that has no analogues on the market, designed to improve safety of unregulated pedestrian crossings at night and in low visibility conditions via smart individual illumination of pedestrians throughout the crossing.


Dynamic individual illumination of all pedestrians present on a zebra crosswalk including approaching ones

Use of special light sources that mildly illuminate the crosswalk area while not blinding drivers or pedestrians

Adjustibility of backlight brightness depending on the installation location, current time of year and day, including in automatic mode

Video stream recording and storage including transfer to third-party systems

Guaranteed range of crosswalk illumination up to 24 meters long

The "SIGMA" hardware-software system

SIGMA hardware and software system is a universal fully automated solution for traffic detection at traffic lights, designed to increase road network capacity and solve the problem of traffic jams. SIGMA is a proprietary, innovative automated traffic control system. To inquire the prices and delivery terms of the automated traffic control and monitoring system, please call us on +998 (71) 2553578 or send a request at


Guaranteed vehicle detection at least on 8 lanes

Estimation of vehicle speed and determination of vehicle type

Search for motor vehicles in logs by specifying parameters

Recording and transfer of a video stream from each direction

Continuous 24/7 video surveillance of a crossroad and traffic analysis

The "DELTA" traffic detector

DELTA vehicle detector is a compact, functional monoblock device able to capture registration number plates and transfer data to search, traffic control, video surveillance and other systems. To buy an ATCS radar vehicle detector and inquire the delivery terms, please call us on +998 (71) 2553578 or contact us at


Recognition of all one- and two-line state registration number plates

Estimation of vehicle speed and determination of vehicle type

Storage of the overview and enlarged photo of each passing vehicle into the detector memory

Search for motor vehicles in logs by specifying parameters

Comprehensive "all in one" monoblock unit

Our goal is to make the roads safe, smart and convenient!

The Korda Group company was founded in 2012 as a system integrator of automatic photo-video fixation complexes (KAFVF) of traffic violations of various Russian manufacturers.

Based on the many years of experience gained, understanding all the advantages/ disadvantages of existing PVF complexes on the market, in 2020 we developed our own competitive solutions that were able to meet all the needs of the market and solve the problems of road safety at the highest quality standards as much as possible.

Today our team is actively developing and releasing various high-tech solutions in the field of intelligent transport systems, computer vision and machine learning:

  • Automatic photo and video recording systems for traffic violations of any complexity;
  • Automatic weight and size control systems;
  • Transport detectors;
  • Road controllers;
  • Intelligent lighting systems;
  • Automatic traffic control systems;
  • Vehicle movement control systems in closed territories;
  • As well as various software for the operation of these systems.

The Korda Group company is an experienced, professional, responsible team of young and dynamic people who fulfill their obligations in a timely manner. The tasks assigned to us by the Customer are always carried out in full at the highest level, which is proven by hundreds of completed government contracts.

We are interested in strong regional partners. We invite commercial companies and organizations to cooperate.

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