The "ALFA" measurement system

ALFA measurement system is designed for continuous photo and video recording of traffic violations, motivating drivers to follow the established rules. It can quickly solve the problem of road accidents and make road safe for all road users. ALFA system is designed to control speed and make photo and video records of traffic violations. To inquire the prices and buy a speed camera, please call us on +998 (71) 2553578 or send a request at

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The main reason of accidents is the non-compliance of drivers with the established traffic rules: exceeding the speed limit, failure to comply with the requirements prescribed by road signs or roadway markings, etc. The ALFA measurement system is designed to reduce the number of emergencies and traffic accidents, to save people's lives and health. Its main task is continuous photo and video recording of traffic violations.

The "ALFA" measurement system is a completely Uzbek product, both in terms of software and hardware, approved by the Institute of Metrology of Uzbekistan;

How it works

ALFA can measure the vehicle speed in a control zone using 2 methods:

  1. Radar: based on the calculation of the difference in frequencies of radio signals emitted and reflected from a moving vehicle (Doppler effect).
  2. Videoframes: based on the determination of the distance traveled by the vehicle in the control zone of a single unit for a certain period of time.
  3. Combined method: based on a radar track and videoframes, providing a significantly increased accuracy.

The system measures the average speed of a vehicle on long road spans and determines the time interval in which the vehicle covers a known distance between the individual units being part of the system.

System features

The ALFA measurement system has an extremely high level of accuracy in recording the vehicle speed. Thus, the error in the range from 0 to 350 km/h is only ±1 km/h in the control zone and over a long span.

Built-in uninterruptible power supply, battery life up to 30 minutes.

Types of recorded violations

Exceeding the established speed limit;

Failure to comply with the rules of the positioning of vehicles on the roadway while driving;

Violation of the rules of stopping and parking;

Failure to comply with the rules of passing crossings, railroad crossings;

Violation of rules of the use of external lighting devices;

Failure to comply with the rules of the use of seat belts;

And other violations, the list of which is constantly updated.

Main system functions

Automatic detection of vehicles and recognition of registration number plates;
Detection and recording of traffic violations including generation of photo/video proof materials;
Storage of traffic violation data;
Automatic search for recognized registration number plates in connected databases;
Informing the operator on events detected;
Transfer of information on detected traffic violations to external systems.

Convenient diagnostic functions and quick installation

The system can perform self-diagnosis under the following parameters:

A built-in OLED display on the rear panel of the enclosure displays information about the system status and basic operating parameters, such as: temperature, power consumption, availability of communication channels, etc. The OLED display significantly simplifies the commissioning and maintenance of the system.

Thanks to the built-in 3G/4G/LTE communication system and a gyro sensor, it is possible to completely remotely maintain and automatically calibrate the system: software updates, commissioning and remote monitoring of the system status.

Sealed electric connectors provide convenient connection of auxiliary equipment, including infrared projectors, traffic information panels and light panels, and other peripheral devices.

Control area types:

System modifications

There are three modifications of the "ALFA" measurement system, depending on the task and the type of control area:


The "mobile" version allows to record traffic violations when installed on board a moving vehicle.


The "stationary" version is used to record traffic violations on linear and long spans of highways.


The "movable" version is used to record traffic violations with installation on a tripod and the ability to change the location of the device.


The "split site" version is intended to be used in stationary manner at regulated intersections, railway crossings, zebra crosswalks and car parking lots.

Our mission is to make our roads comfortable, convenient and safe!

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