The "DELTA" traffic detector

DELTA vehicle detector is a compact, functional monoblock device able to capture registration number plates and transfer data to search, traffic control, video surveillance and other systems. To buy an ATCS radar vehicle detector and inquire the delivery terms, please call us on +998 (71) 2553578 or contact us at

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The "DELTA" traffic detector is a multifunctional advanced solution designed to monitor and track transit traffic in populated areas, assess traffic and classify the flow by vehicle type.

System features

Optimal installation locations:


At all city entrances and exits, to create a "security perimeter" Installation of the vehicle detector at all city entrances and exits allows to determine when and where a vehicle with a specific registration number plate entered and left the city. This arrangement allows the successful tracking of transit cargo and passenger traffic.


Between city districts for the most efficient and economical expansion of the road network The DELTA installation between city districts provides an opportunity to accumulate statistics on the routes of individual vehicles over a long period and build a heat map of the most popular routes. This data provides a clear picture of current traffic and an understanding of how exactly to expand the street and road network and optimize traffic flows.


At traffic light units Installing the "DELTA" vehicle detector at a traffic light unit, for example, at an intersection, allows to use it as a complete data source for traffic light control systems, also known as automatic traffic control systems (ATCS).

Advantages of the "DELTA" vehicle detector

Light weight and compact dimensions

Easy to install and configure

High quality industrial components and reliability

Temperature range from -60° to +65°

Algorithms for recognizing vehicles and registration number plates are based on modern machine learning methods

Parameter recording accuracy is not less than 97% at any time of day

In-built infrared spotlight

Advanced API interaction interface for easy integration with any third-party systems and software

Built-in uninterruptible power supply, battery life up to 30 minutes

Warranty and certificates

Warranty period – 2 years.

The DELTA detector is a completely Uzbek product both in terms of software and hardware, designed and manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Our mission is to make our roads comfortable, convenient and safe!

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