The "OMEGA" dynamic illumination system

OMEGA dynamic crosswalk illumination system is a unique solution that has no analogues on the market, designed to improve safety of unregulated pedestrian crossings at night and in low visibility conditions via smart individual illumination of pedestrians throughout the crossing.

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The "OMEGA" dynamic illumination system is designed to prevent accidents at zebra crosswalks in dark and poor visibility conditions. The main goal of the system is to create a safe environment for pedestrians by individually escorting each one on the crosswalk (the number of illuminated subjects is not limited and each of them is illuminated individually, independently of the others).

The continuous video surveillance and traffic analysis feature provided by the system on a 24/7 basis is useful to analyze accidents that took place at the crosswalk.

The OMEGA system is a completely Uzbek product both in terms of software and hardware, developed and manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

System functions

Dynamic individual illumination of all pedestrians present on a zebra crosswalk including approaching ones;

Guaranteed range of crosswalk illumination up to 24 meters long;

Use of special light sources that mildly illuminate the crosswalk area while not blinding drivers or pedestrians;

Adjustibility of backlight brightness depending on the installation location, current time of year and day, including in automatic mode;

Video stream recording and storage including transfer to third-party systems;

Key features

The "OMEGA" system displays a contrasting text (ATTENTION, STOP) or any other graphic image on the road surface for proactive warning of drivers about the presence of pedestrians in the crossing area at night. A bright text focuses the driver's attention and notifies them of approaching to a zebra crosswalk at a distance sufficient to slow down and stop. This function is possible thanks to a special high-brightness projection module which is included in the system.

The OMEGA system can be fully integrated with our ALFA system. What is that for?

Interaction principle

The ALFA system when installed before the crosswalk enables transmission of data relating to the vehicle speed before the crosswalk to the illumination system server.

In case a vehicle is moving at a high speed (more than 50 km/h), the projection module will display the word "STOP" or any other selected text on the road surface, even if there are no pedestrians at the crosswalk including approaching ones. This will allow to proactively focus the driver's attention before the crosswalk to prevent any emergency situation if a person suddenly appears on the road.

In case a vehicle is moving at a speed of less than 50 km/h, the OMEGA dynamic Illumination system will turn on the projection module only if there is a pedestrian on the crosswalk including approaching ones.

Operation principle

The dynamic illumination system continuously monitors the entire area of a crosswalk in real time using a dedicated video module (video camera). The server module is responsible for image analysis, detection of objects (pedestrians, cars, animals, etc.) and calculation of their movement path.

Given a pedestrian(s) is detected in the control zone, the illumination module provides light escorting for each of them. Thus, the drivers will have a visual contrast highlighting of pedestrians on the crosswalk, and not just "common" illumination of the road surface. In addition, a person will be illuminated while only approaching to the crosswalk, so the driver will have enough time to notice a pedestrian before they appear on the road surface, and stop in time.

System components

All our equipment is adapted to work in a temperature range of -60 +60.

Our mission is to make our roads comfortable, convenient and safe!

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