The "SIGMA" hardware-software system

SIGMA hardware and software system is a universal fully automated solution for traffic detection at traffic lights, designed to increase road network capacity and solve the problem of traffic jams. SIGMA is a proprietary, innovative automated traffic control system. To inquire the prices and delivery terms of the automated traffic control and monitoring system, please call us on +998 (71) 2553578 or send a request at

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Cars are designed to make a life easier: by providing comfortable movement conditions and, most importantly, allowing to save time. However, increased number of vehicles, especially in large cities, makes it difficult to fulfil the original purpose of cars. Drivers have to waste a lot of time in traffic jams waiting for the green light even if there are no people crossing the road. But this does not seem right.

To save your time and increase road capacity, we have developed an innovative fully automated solution, SIGMA HARDWARE-SOFTWARE SYSTEM (HSC). Its main task is to analyze the intensity of traffic flows and average speed of vehicles and select optimal algorithms for traffic light units.

System functions

System features

SIGMA is a full-fledged hardware and software system, which includes:

  1. Transport detectors;
  2. Road controller;
  3. Software;

SIGMA can operate both in local mode, where it changes the duration phases of traffic lights in all directions at a local crossing (local mode) and on a scale of the entire urban agglomeration under the control of top-level software (network mode).

The network mode or network adaptation makes it possible to take into account data on the traffic flows from all city systems and build algorithms for traffic light units centrally, based on the overall traffic conditions. This makes it possible to create green corridors and even distribute the traffic load within a city.

We are ready to supply both hardware and software for solving problems of both local and network adaptation.

System advantages

High reliability level due to the use of high quality components;

Parameter recording accuracy is not less than 95% at any time of day;

Vehicle recognition algorithms are based on modern machine learning methods;

Enhanced application programming interface (API) for easy integration with any third-party systems and software;

Maintenance of local recording logs with storage of all vehicle parameters, including overview and enlarged photo;

All our equipment is adapted to work in a temperature range of -60 +60;

Remote control of traffic lights by means of a mobile application.

Warranty and certificates

Warranty period - 2 years.

The OMEGA hardware-software system is a completely Uzbek product both in terms of software and hardware, developed and manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Our mission is to make our roads comfortable, convenient and safe!

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