Installation of photo and video recording cameras

Installation of photo and video recording complexes requires certain skills and experience. The installation procedure is as follows:

1. Location

The location for installing photo and video recording complexes is defined based on accident analysis performed to identify the causes of road accidents. If the analysis finds that accidents are caused by traffic violations, a respective model of photo and video recording facility should be selected and installed in an appropriate place in terms of efficient traffic violation recording. The optimal location for equipment installation shall be defined and approved in such a way as to exclude restricted visibility of traffic violation recording systems by the installed devices or their supports, housings, etc. 

In order to prevent road accident concentration areas, the complexes can be installed in other places based on analysis of accidents caused by traffic violation or at other specific sections, such as:

The installation location of photo and video recording complexes shall be defined taking into account safe working conditions for the equipment maintenance personnel. Equipment causing external electromagnetic interference shall not affect the operation of traffic violation photo and video recording systems.

2. Installation of equipment

System installation, including preparatory works, shall be carried out strictly in accordance with HSE requirements. The work execution plan shall introduce the workers and engineers to the procedure specification and the system installation rules. It shall be prepared according to the working drawings and shall specify technical arrangements and technical rules for such works.

To avoid incorrect functioning, the equipment of the traffic violation photo and video recording complex shall be installed at the selected road and street site according to the installation instructions (regulations, rules, etc.) of the selected complex or system type, model.

In case of traffic violation recording by permanently installed complexes, the drivers shall be informed about the possibility of such recording at the respective road section (area, territory, section of a street and road network) by Photo and Video Recording plates and, if necessary, respective road marking used together with road signs regulating the traffic.

3. Connection

Electrical cables used to connect equipment of the photo and video recording complex shall be fastened to fixed structures (supports, brackets) according to the complex layout. Electrical cables shall not kink or sag. Take care of detachable connections when installing, operating, and dismantling the equipment. All tight detachable connections shall be duly tightened and fixed.

4. Commissioning and adjustment

Commissioning and adjustment of the traffic violation photo and video recording complex shall be carried out by qualified personnel.

5. Automatic operation

The complex operates automatically after commissioning and adjustment. The records are stored on the internal non-volatile memory and can be sent to an external information network in real time. Software allows continuous monitoring of the complex hardware. All necessary information can be received at the manufacturer's technical support service.

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